Changes in Travel due to COVID Pandemic, when can we travel again? 10 Points on how things will change

Changes in Travel due to COVID Pandemic, when can we travel again? 10 Points on how things will change 

Travel has changed a lot as we know due to the current COVID - 19 situation and the travel sector has taken the batter and it is the worst-hit sector of all. Now the question in each and every person who loves or is passionate about travel is thinking that will we be able to travel again? Will the airlines fly? Even if the travel does start again when would we be able to travel? How will we be able to travel? To answer such questions here are the 10 points which we can look forward.

1. India will be the most desirable destination before

As we know that the COVID has almost hit every part of the world and we know every country is recovering a different pace of its own. On this onset, the travellers are thinking to travel to the places which are close to their cities as even if they have to return back then can do so with ease. As per the current market sentiments, most of the traveller would pick India as a destination for travel. As we know things have been rapidly changing and as we can see Goa has very few cases which have been reported and which of them have already recovered. While in Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand both these tourist destinations also have less than 50 cases wherein Andaman and Nicobar, Ladakh including Puducherry and Meghalaya have lesser cases as compared to other cities. While Sikkim hasn't shown a single case till date.

2. The way of choosing Accommodation will change 

We cannot disagree with the point that we all are waiting for the travel to take the regular routine the way it was before the pandemic. But we also cannot deny the fact that things have changed a lot and so accordingly we have to accommodate ourselves likewise.
Experts foretell the way we choose our accommodation will change completely. People will look for brands as they entrust the customer with their hygiene system which will definitely keep them safe and secure. Also, the traveller will lookout for small boutique properties which are in the central location as in to cut the travel time. The hotels which may offer the minimalistic touchpoint may do well, we are in the hope there may not belong queues for check-in and check out. As there might be an option of digital interface. Also, the key cards may go out of fashion. Even the way we use to see the crown at the buffet breakfast is also going to change. 
The way we use to do the weekend holiday or a summer holiday is also going to impact as we may choose a secluded, resort-type lone property that are in the lap of nature and usually far away from the hustling and bustling cities. People may also lookout forward for renting private homes or bungalows or villas but only those which are having best reviews in concerns with cleanliness and sanitation. Properties who have grown their own veggies may get extra mileage. This is only the tip of the ice burg as we are going to reconsider how we lead our lifestyle. Travellers may consider the factors on how the accommodation values its sustainability, do they take care of their staff and does it give something back to society. Feather in the cap would be if the property has like wellness, spa treatment and which also have programs like sound healing, meditation. 

3. Our new security - "Sanitation"

Yes, that what will be the most essential things which will be required for the sector of Travel. Even the Airline companies like Etihad and Emirates have been experimenting with, then may it be the compulsory blood test for all the travelling people as well as the staff. The same way traveller expectation to stay at an accommodation  which follows cleanliness and utmost hygiene would be more. People would be definitely interested to know if the staff of the hotel are following the mandatory regulation while at work and as well as when they are at their residence, and how the owners of the hotel or property are securing on the fact that the things are being followed. In fact, all the customer would demand the same and the chances are that you will surely get a positive response as everybody needs business which has hampered during the COVID initial days. So health, hygiene and sanitation will be the new regular of our lifestyle while travelling. COVID impact as it progress will show us a lot many changes so when your visiting your favourite restaurant don’t be astonished to see only 50% of the table as the social distancing with continue until we get the ultimate weapon to fight COVID which is the "Vaccine". 

4. Airfare would be pricy 

While as we are learning to get acquainted with the social distancing it is going to a totally different ball game with respect to Air travel. Every airline in the world is combating on how to rearrange the seating so that the customer travelling is comfortable and feels safe. The best part from this is that the air travellers might get a good amount of space even in the book the Economy seat. But with good news, there is also a bad new which is the hike in airfare. Due to the spacing which may decline the airline's seats to go down by at least 65%. Which is just the no profit no loss point? So now the question arises on how the airlines will make their profit from all this situation? An that’s why the price hike as they do not have any other solution. The other factors which the airline has to take in account are the investment which they have to make in training the staff regarding the new situation which will help the customer stay safe while in air, in addition to that the customer service staff has to cater to a huge chunk of queries which concern the cancellation, refunds etc.
The airline might also introduce things like Surgical gloves, sanitary wipes, infrared thermometers which are contactless and the things which will be gone will be the magazines. 
Transformation is bound to happen due to the crises in the airline industry, this will, in turn, enrapture all the stakeholders including airlines, airports, travel agents and the very important customers. There will some more additions while availing air travel such as health screening, social distancing and a high amount of admonishment would be required during availing air travel this will completely change the travel decorum of the travellers. Not only there will be changes in the network there will be winds of change also in the fleet, service thought the  
Airlines. The focus will be more on health and hygiene implementation where ever there will be the touchpoints at the time of air travel, as we now social distancing is the new norm for at least the time the COVID is existing. There will be a lot of efforts which will be taken by the airlines in building the confidence of the customers undertaking flights. There will be a lot of preventive measures to make sure the travellers and the staff at the airport and flight are at most safety in concerns to health. There will be a set of the routine of cleaning at every turnaround of the flights with the govt. approved disinfectant; deep cleaning of each and every plane every 24 hours will be done as a routine. PPEs like hand gloves and face mask as required will be used by the airline staff while performing the cleaning routine. The Airlines would have a precautionary checkup for customers showing symptoms of fever or respiratory illness and they would have to undergo the checkup with the Airport medical support team.

5. Old will be new - Road Trips will be back in fashion 

Industry cognoscente feels the avid traveller will start with short trips to place which are neared so that it can be undertaken by just a short drive. Just imagine the journey which would involve the less crowded roads, blue sky above and your favourite music's which eases your mind while you drive on to your dream destination, feel good right? The Car rental will play a major role with a great deal to offer along with the assurity of deep cleaning being done after each use of the car. Of course, there would be still restrictions on crossing the state borders in order to do the leisure travel so, we will have to restrict our-self to our own state as of now. Major metros like Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai have a lot of astonishing options. 

6. Back to Beautiful Nature and the Wildlife 

This lockdown in our own houses has given us the importance of our balconies, terraces, garden and even the windows, as we dream of enthralling blue skies, the fresh air, the spectrum of the oceans, the beautiful lush green forest, snow-clad mountains and the feeling of being in the nature lap. We are curious at the birds we can hear twittering outside, and wondering how the wildlife is doing in the natural habitat as summer is the best time to spot them all in the national park. We are in dire need of a return to nature which is the most pristine form. This is going to lead us to those secluded places which are in the lap of nature as we plan out first short holiday after the COVID situation. Also taking into the account will be the destination which would be considering the best possible and responsible tourism in the account.

7. Marriage Ceremonies will be taking a back seat 

Eventually, you cannot put a lockdown on love, as it takes its own route to find a way rekindle itself and thus leads to a happy ending. Internationally a city like New York is currently allowing couples to get married online via Zoom app. The other way round Indian crowd is most likely to either postpone the marriage as we need to have our ceremony which needs to be duly executed or we would opt for an alternative of lesser gathering as that is the current need of the situation. So, say 50 people at the max which would be fine for the execution of the actual ceremony, and also likewise we can also look a smaller reception other than our usual large gatherings. The destination wedding will also trend a lot once the restrictions on travel are eased. The closest destination will be preferred and a boutique or a small hotel may be considered to take care of the event.

8. Affordability of luxury will be possible 

We cannot deny the fact that the economy slowed down and has taken a batter, resulting in loss of jobs the INR and share market crumbling down. This has made us think about how we are going to spend our money and on what will be spending the money on. In a similar aspect, the Travel Industry is also going to think about how they can provide the customers with a better value for money. The same would be in the form of luxury hotels offering their room rates at an affordable and lucrative price with a number of perks, like airport transfers, Kids dine free or spa treatment-free etc. The trends will definitely change as soon as we get to normalcy and would be willing to travel and so would be able to get a better deal.

9. Flexibility will be the new mantra 

The traveller would be getting another benefit on the whole as the whole dynamics of the travel industry would be making it very easy to book your next trip by relaxing the normal rules and regulations. After this, it would be child's play to book a tour or to postpone it or to get a refund. Customers would also be able to enjoy the benefits of the loyalty programs offered for a longer duration. Since the travellers are the once who would always make a comeback for the service rendered by the Airlines and hotels so, in turn, they will ensure to give the due benefit to the customers. So this would be a win-win situation for all. The example which we can consider pertaining to this is the hotel group Marriott International declared that it would extend the members existing status from 2019 to 2022 and in addition to this, the points won't get expire until February 2021. So the crux of the discussion here does not discard your membership cards.

10. Reality Check

This epidemic has devastated and disrupted the entire world. As we are in this lockdown we have been busy with the Netflix shows, Instagram, Surfing Facebook, trying our had on cooking, teaching our children and doing out work from home we have been able to look at the lifestyle we have adopted. We have been making charitable contributions and also helping our neighbours or maybe taking care of your employees. Perhaps we have decided to turn vegan or have decided to buy fewer handbags or have decided to exercise daily. Or you might be missing your near and dear once who are living abroad. This might be your actions which you would have thought of or might have implemented the same, we have also eventually realised that many unnecessary things can be avoided as we can only buy those things which are required the most. All this take a little effort to make yourself happy and we have also come to the conclusion that the most important thing in your life is our own people and nothing else. With whom you would like to spend your time, money and energy.

Get your Inspiration for Travel

Get your Inspiration for Travel 

Travel Inspiration Pic

“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” – G.K. Chesterton

So who are you a traveler of a tourist? Are you not a bit of both? In actual send, we are absolutely tourists as whenever we travel to some destinations we want to see the highlights of that place. Also, we are always open to discover the new things which allow us to gain experiences that you do not find in a travel guide and that why we are of both worlds a traveler and a tourist.

So what does traveling mean to you? So what can I say, whether it’s going somewhere new that is only two-three away or somewhere halfway across the world. Traveling in meaning means relaxation, meditation, it allows one to have unforgettable experiences. For some guys here traveling means going to a new city. Some think about experiencing new things learning culture, their food, their language.
On the other hand, some think of it as a way to escape work or college, some go cause their friends forced them to come, some are going just to get likes for Instagram.

Traveling is like an art, you are forgetting the social life and concentrating on the world. Traveling overcomes your stress, depression. Travelling teaches us that life isn’t just working and retiring. If you say your traveling cause of work, the dude that’s not traveling. Traveling is enjoying your life cause you only live once. When you want to travel it’s not just traveling with family and friends and having a good time but it’s about feeling free and overcoming dangerous obstacles in nature. Traveling is somehow trying something new, so when you travel you collect memories, you share your stories with everyone. So when you’re old as the tortoise you get to tell your adventures to your kids and also to your grandkids.

So what do you really mean by traveling? Is it going to someplace new or is it traveling halfway across the world? Travel in actual terms a means to achieve realization, meditation as it allows oneself to have mind-boggling experiences. For some people traveling means just visit a new part or city or destination. But have you given a thought that traveling can be coming in contact with new things such as learning new cultures, their food, and the new language you get to learn?

Traveling is an art, as you get to get out of your regular routine and get to venture in the world around you. Travel helps us to get rid of our stress and depression. It teaches us we are now born in this world only for working purposes and then retiring as we age. If any once says that you are traveling for the sole purpose of work then that not what you call as traveling. Because traveling is enjoying your life cause you live life only once. Whenever we travel it not just traveling with family and friends and just having a good time but it the feeling of freeness that overcome the dangerous obstacles which come in our life. Traveling is trying something new, as whenever you travel you tend to collect memories that you can share with everyone and cherish them for your lifetime. Image the chance you will get to tell the stories which you have lived into your kids or your grandkids. 

Here are some ways to keep your self inspired to travel:

1.) Take responsibility

The best thing you can do to stay focused is to be held accountable. Being accountable to others will help make sure that you don’t fall off the wagon. They will help keep you focused on your goal, and the social pressure to stay on track will provide some extra motivation to follow through. Whether that is betting money, having someone check in on you, keeping track of goals, or having someone help you plan, just being held accountable will force you to stay focused, even on those days you don’t feel like it!. Responsibility ensures action and can force you to follow through when a lack of energy would otherwise hold you back.

2.) Find the destination you want to travel to…

Keep reading about places you want to visit and eventually you’ll get there. It may sound bore, but by always keeping travel on my mind, I always am excited about my future trips. I’m constantly researching destinations online, reading news from overseas, looking up flights, reading blogs, and generally getting to know the world better. 
The more I learn about different places, the more I think, “There are so many places to see, and no time to waste! Let’s go book a flight!”. Thinking about doing something all the time will make it happen.

3.) Spend some time 

Stuff always seems to come up, doesn’t it? Sure, I was planning to visit Iceland in May, and then suddenly, May was here and I was busy. Or maybe you decide today’s the day you’re going to plan your trip but then you forget you have laundry to do. My solution? Pick a day and time you are normally not busy (i.e., on Facebook) and devote that time to planning your trip. Make it a consistent part of your schedule and develop a habit so that it doesn’t feel like a task you “have” to do; it becomes just something you do automatically.
Set thirty minutes aside each day to focus on travel or to plan your trip. Turn it into part of your everyday routine.

4.) Ensure you go through some travel blogs 

Reading about other traveler's adventures can show you that it is easier to travel than you thought, provide advice and tips on the art of travel, and teach you about places you’ve never heard of. One day you’ll get sick of living vicariously through others, and you’ll go out and create your own travel stories. They will show you that yes, travel is realistic, practical, and financially possible.

5.) Go through travel books

Travel books are even better because they cut deep into a destination and open it up in a way a short blog post can’t. Be sure to read books about the destination you are visiting so you can get a deeper understanding of the place. You can’t understand the location’s present if you don’t understand its past. 

6.) Learn some new language 

Join a class and pick up a language you might use on the road. Once you’ve started learning the language, you’ll hate to waste your new skill. And the only way to use it is to travel to where they speak it! 

7.) Give yourself a break! You definitely deserve it !!

If you’ve been on the working for a while, you’ve probably tried out a bit. Travel isn’t always rainbows and unicorns, and spending a lot of time working can lead to burnout.
That’s going to sap your motivation and might even have you thinking about home. Instead of moving on to your next destination, stay where you are for as long as you need it. Watch TV, volunteer, work at your hostel, start a blog, or sit by the beach every day — whatever relaxes you.

8.) Mingle with another traveler 

Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated if the people around you aren’t supportive of your desire to travel. Hanging out on travel forums or any Facebook travel group will also help you tune out the critics who don’t believe long-term travel is possible because you’ll see from all these people encouraging you that it really is. An encouraging environment is a better environment! And a community of travelers telling you aren’t crazy and this is possible will drown out all the critics in the world.

I hope I have given you all the right inspirations to get you traveling, so again do remember always "Get your inspiration for Travel". Bon Voyage in Advance..!!!

What is Travel

Travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations. Travel can be done by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, bus, airplane, ship, or other means, with or without luggage, and can be one way or round trip. Travel can also include relatively short stays between successive movements, as in the case of tourism.

The origin of the word "travel" is most likely lost to history. The term "travel" may originate from the Old French word travail, which means 'work'.According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the first known use of the word travel was in the 14th century. It also states that the word comes from Middle English travailen, travelen (which means to torment, labor, strive, journey) and earlier from Old French travailler (which means to work strenuously, toil). In English, we still occasionally use the words "travail", which means struggle. According to Simon Winchester in his book The Best Travelers' Tales (2004), the words "travel" and "travail" both share an even more ancient root: a Roman instrument of torture called the tripalium (in Latin it means "three stakes", as in to impale). This link may reflect the extreme difficulty of travel in ancient times. Travel in modern times may or may not be much easier depending upon the destination. Travel to Mount Everest, the Amazon rainforest, extreme tourism, and adventure travel is more difficult forms of travel. Travel can also be more difficult depending on the method of travel, such as by bus, cruise ship, or even by bullock cart.

Changes in Travel due to COVID Pandemic, when can we travel again? 10 Points on how things will change

Changes in Travel due to COVID Pandemic, when can we travel again? 10 Points on how things will change  Travel has changed a lot as we know ...

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