What is Travel?

Ever wondered what is it? I know we never even have bothered to know on the same so, let us start today! So how do you define Travel, Travel usually consists of activities of 
of people or persons traveling to and residing in place outside their residence for a short period for either leisure or business or any other purpose.

Trave goes back at the time when Greeks and Romans used to travel for leisure purpose to their summer homes and villas in the cities which were built by them for the same purpose such as Pompeii and Baiae. Earlier days travel used to be much slower, with a lot of risks and was usually dominated by business and people shifting their bases, now due to the cultural and technological advancements through the modern times travel has become much easier and accessible. Humans have come a far way in transportation as we have witnessed Christopher Columbus sailing to the land of Spain in the year 1492, where it took him to travel 2 months and 1/4 (quarter) to land in Spain. Nowadays as we are in the 21 century where we can travel by Aeroplane from Spain to the United States in just a few hours.

However, travel in the middle ages used to be a lot of inconvenience and difficulties but as it was important for the economy and society. The wholesale sector completely depended
on the merchants dealing through caravans or through the sea voyage, the customer then often require the services from the wandering vendors from village to outpost, wandering monks and wandering hermits who brought church and pastoral support to the dilapidated areas, traveling poets practiced the never-ending tour, and armies raged far and wide in the various bandwagon and in divergent other wars. Pilgrims were common in both the European and Islamic worlds and involved streams of travelers which consist of both local and international.

While in the 16th century the trend changes as it became a fashion for the young European magnifico and the rich upper-class men and women to travel to eloquent European cities to procure education in the arts and literature field. This was known as the Grand Tour at that time, it would include cities such as London, Paris, Venice, Florence, and Rome. However,
French Revolution brought the end of the Grand Tour. 

Another mode of travel was the water which often provided more comfort and speed that the land travel, at till the tome of the network of railways came into existence. It was this time
that the travel had the actual purpose of tourism, this was the time when people actually started traveling for fun purposes as there was the ease of travel which coexisted. That is when  Thomas Cook came into existence and they took this opportunity and started selling the actual tour packages which would include the rail and accommodation in hotels that were prebooked for the then travelers. Then came the airplane and airships role which was required for a long haul journey in the 20th century, the 2nd World War which provided the abundance of both airplanes and pilots required to fly. 21st century is witness to how air travel has become the most common thing where we have seen a woman name Alexis Alford who has already traveled to 196 countries before she was even 21 years of age.

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