About Me

Hello Travelers!!! I am Indrajeet Pawar an avid traveler who loves to travel the world, who likes to learn new things as the life journey goes on. 

My Mission 
I want to inspire people to travel, may it be domestic or international as travel is living and everyone loves to live and so they must travel as it helps us release the tension which our day to day lives gets burdened with.

What is Time to Travel World Website About?
Have you ever felt the need to travel? well, this is a very tough question as everybody has a different perspective on this? Some travel for fun, some for work and some for religious purposes, but the point is you must travel which in turn provides us the new experiences and so is the main purpose of this website.

What is our responsibility as a Traveler?
We have always thought that when we travel how does it impact anyone as we are traveling for own purpose, but as we travel a lot of things are happening automatically. There a chain of events that happens without even noticing. Do you know that we provide a lot of financial aid to a lot of people while doing so, let us take an example of the same? When you think of travel what is the first thing you do? You visit a Travel Agent so that you can get then the best possible deal and information required to achieve your travel goal. 

While you book the required airlines, get your visa done, get the required foreign exchange, and travel insurance. More ever whilst reaching the desired destination you travel to your chosen hotel, eat local food, visit sightseeing and spend a lot on shopping for yourself and you're loved once.

In all these ways have you noticed how many people you have helped earn unknowingly from your local travel agent to the local person from whom you bought your souvenir. We create guides and articles that help travelers discover the best eco-friendly and responsible travel options in a destination, showing that travel really can be a win-win.

Who I Am?

Hi! I am Indrajeet Pawar and the one behind Time to Travel World website and blogs.

Now based in Pune, Maharashtra, India, and here is my story of travel.

Originally from Kolhapur and now living in Pune, India. I am from the Travel and Tourism Industry and have been working In the travel industry almost since 2005 and since then have been traveling to various parts of the world to date. At first, it was just a job thing but as they say, once you get to know the taste of travel and as you unravel the true sense of travel there is no stopping as you want to venture out more and more of this world which has to offer a ton of things you would like to explore. I started my career with a multinational travel company where I gained immense knowledge pertaining to travel. At first, you only get to know the destination from the books and literature or from the training which these multinational companies organize at a part of the job so that you can deliver the correct information to the client coming for travel at their door. The first company I got to learn a lot about the group tours which made me very confident in the aspects of travel as in the group tour you don’t have to worry for the day to day schedules as everything is planned for you, so you just understand the tour, choose what you like and book the tour of your choice and just sit back and enjoy the tour as everything is taken care of.

In my next company, I go to learn on another aspect of the travel which we know as the Individual travel this is the second type of travel style which people like to venture out as it gives you a lot of flexibility. For example, you can choose the no countries and cities you want to visit, you can choose the no of nights to be spent in each city, you decide which day is free or which day for shopping and which day for sightseeing and also get to decide what to see, more of your all desires can be tailor-made and that what is the alternate name of Individual tour is Tailor-Made Holidays.

Also during the transition of my life In the second company job, I learn a lot about the over deal of the visas and the intricacies involved in the same. It was a journey that I would never forget as I got to learn a lot about the varieties of cases and the ways through which you can get some ease and do a lot better planning while traveling to any part of the world. Every country has its own set of rules and regulations which are required for procuring a visa.

Now after my 15 years of experience and having traveled the world hear I am to impart my part of the knowledge to the travelers who would like to travel around this huge world where there a lot of things which can be explored and where you can gain a lot of experience.

I am passionate about using this website to spread the message that traveling is so fun and everybody show enjoy the same and creating a positive impact is possible only when you wholeheartedly believe that travel is the best opportunity for your self-development as it challenges us to push our boundaries and get our self outside the shell of the comfort zone and overcome the greatest fears we have been living with.

So do visit my website and I will share with you the know-how on how to travel in a way that will have a positive impact on your life, on the destination you visit, and ultimately in the world as well. I hope you all will come along for the greater journey to be undertaken by yourself.





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